How a copper coil got me into amateur radio

The interest of radio has been dorming within me for as long as I can remember, but it was not until I studied to become an electrical engineer the interest started growing. Actually, I can clearly remember what triggered this interest for real – Peterson coil grounding in high voltage distribution systems. That’s right, you got that correct! A subject seemingly far away from radio was the subject leading me here. Let me explain.

The answer lies within the frequencies

Boy, was that the wrong timing to get into amateur radio!

Joakim, LB1RI
Copper coil
A simple copper coil can be enough to tip you over the edge of utter radio madness.

I was reading about resonance in high voltage distribution nets, caused by the capacitance in the lines together with the inductance in the ground coil. I was calculating and reading, jumping from one website to the other, and I was fascinated by the subject of frequencies and resonance. After stumbling upon a few filter circuits on a radio page I was completely sold! One thing led to the other, and suddenly I sat there with the Radio Amateurs ABC (the license syllabus) on my lap – a few weeks ahead of my final exam.

Boy, was that the wrong timing to get into amateur radio! I needed to concentrate on my exam! Well, actually I got use of some of the literature for my final project at school. But I had to tame my eagerness to keep focus on what was most important at the time. 

I finished school, got my degree and started reading. There was no license course in my area so I had to read for myself. For one year I kept on reading for my license. ONE YEAR! I could have done it in a couple of months, but I was too intimidated of the test to go ahead and try. Mr. Never-good-enough wanted to make sure he would pass without trouble. And so he did.

By the end of February 2018 I had obtained the license and I was ready to rock the amateur bands as LB1RI.

The moral

They look like antennas – maybe it’s not that odd anyway…?

I guess what I want to say here is – Don’t be afraid to try. You may be ready already. Just jump into it!

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