5 most attractive features of the Yaesu FT-70D

I have ordered myself a Yaesu FT-70DE, and I`m really looking forward to getting it in my hands! For a while I have been cerebrating for a while whether I should buy the FT-70D or not, and finally made the decision to do so.

Here are the top five things that appeal to me with the FT-70D:

1. System Fusion

My radio group has decided to replace our old repeater LA7VR, and we have chosen to go with Yaesu System Fusion. I have not yet tried this system myself, but the system seems flexible and reliable, and most reports online are positive. It seems to me that System Fusion is the fastest growing digital system in amateur radio.

I have been looking for a solid replacement for my already worn Baofeng UV-5R. I had decided to go with one of the three big; Kenwood, Icom or Yaesu. When the choice had been made in my radio group, the decision was easy: The most important thing is that I wanted a radio that can take the most this new repeater we`re investing in.

2. Rugged and water resistant

I spend a lot of time outdoors, and I want a handheld I can bring with me wherever I go. The solid construction and its IP54 rating make this radio an excellent choice to suit my needs. Ideally it should be submersible like the VX-8. But hey, I don`t plan on swimming with it. And it probably would survive anyway.

3. The volume control

The amateur radio world is split on this subject. On the FT-70D you have to hold a button while turning the knob to adjust the volume. Some people hate it, and some don`t seem to care too much. I simply LOVE this feature! I really annoys me how the volume always gets turned all the way down or all the way up when I carry my radio. I some times miss calls, and other times noise breaking the squelch scares the boots off me. I`ve had this issue with my Baofeng, my old Kenwood and the firefighter radio I always carry. It sure could be an idea to let the user choose how the knob should work, but I simply love this feature.

4. Compact size

A lot of the alternatives on the market are fairly big and heavy. The FT-70D is only 255 grams including battery and antenna. The size of the case is 60x98x33 mm, which is a reasonable size for something I want to keep in my pocket at all times.

5. Simplicity

I don`t want all these bells and whistles. I want a radio that is just that, the same way I`ve exchanged my iPhone for a simple, rugged phone that does SMS and MMS in addition to calls. The FT-70D is simple and easy, while still keeping the features that are important to me. No color display, no large screen that breaks easily, no camera, no GPS, and still it can access the WiRES-X network – it suits me just perfect.

What is the difference between FT-70DR and FT-70DE?

Yaesu use these letters to signify subtle differences and upgrades in their radios. Currently there are two versions available; the FT-70DE and the FT-70DR. They are basically the same radio, just for different markets. The FT-70DE is for the European market, while the FT-70DR is for USA,

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