Hi! My name is Joakim and I am an avid radio amateur, an enjoyer of nature and I love to create.

I am settled in Melbu, northern Norway where I live with my wife, my son, a cat and a dog. I love nature and live right next to the outback, giving me a great opportunity to make good use of it. The top image on my blog is taken from a summit near me, and the suburb you see is my home place. I try to combine my passion for amateur radio (and other technology) with my passion for nature by operating portable as often as I can.

My callsign is LB1RI and I’ve been licensed since February 2018. Hence, I’m a fairly new operator. I am an electrical engineer and I work as a teacher educating the instrument technicians of tomorrow.

I like all aspects of creating, ranging from traditional woodworking to writing and poetry, via music, making “thingies”, gardening and antenna building. -Just to name a few.