Electronic circuit

My 50 cents on jargon and abbreviations

A “linear” is not a piece of radio gear, An AMPLIFIER IS! “Linear” is the STATE of the amplifier 

W8LGZ – in the “Strays” section on Eham.net.

I am one of those people who easily get locked up in other peoples choice of words. Maybe I am a bit conservative in that matter. W8LGZ and I are probably quite alike in that matter.

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Copper coil

How a copper coil got me into amateur radio

The interest of radio has been dorming within me for as long as I can remember, but it was not until I studied to become an electrical engineer the interest started growing. Actually, I can clearly remember what triggered this interest for real – Peterson coil grounding in high voltage distribution systems. That’s right, you got that correct! A subject seemingly far away from radio was the subject leading me here. Let me explain.

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